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My husband Ben and I live out in the country 13 miles from the nearest town.He works in Ord, NE. I stay at home and take care of our little Bassets. I don't have any children of my own, so I have lots of time to spend with our babies.

We got started in taking care of puppies in 1997.When my husband and I first met 1993, he bought me a Cocker Spaniel from the Humane Society.We had him 12 years before we had to put him to sleep.His name was Felix.When we had Felix we just loved his temperment and the way he played with other kids and animals.Felix had a friend  his name was Jake.Jake was a Basset Hound.When they were together it was so much fun to watch Jake try to keep up with Felix.They were the best of friends.That's how we decided on wanting to raise Basset Hound Puppies.

At BC Young the encompassing philosophy which guides our breeding philosophy is to produce Basset Hounds that possess the physical and genetic health, character and performance that is the hallmark of the original, Breeding is probably the most important factor in producing great dogs. We strive to produce dogs of profound character and confidence. that compliment the breed standard, Conformance to the breed standard helps ensure the ideal skeletal proportions for avoiding injuries to joints and ligaments We feel that whether a dog is used for competition, or is simply a family pet, it should be first and foremost a true companion. As Breeders of AKC Basset Hounds , we adhere to and respect the breeder guidelines established by AKC. In addition to following ethical practices We work along established bloodlines that have been proven to produce consistent performance. We strive to maintain the versatility of the breed With this in mind we, There are several things that I think about before I breed a litter of pups. Matching and blending parental lineages (pedigrees) that focus on health, temperament and sound conformation is our ultimate goal. Excellent health, temperament and ability are the essence of our Basset Hounds, and our primary considerations. We believe that these three essential qualities, bred carefully and with the consideration they truly deserve, also make the Basset an exceptional household pet that excels in any job given to them. I prefer a friendly, calm dog, perhaps with a bit of a sense of humor. Conformation, intelligence, and other attributes that complement our primary aims are equally important to our breeding program we also incorporate and implement science based strategic, (including health testing protocols)time-specific rearing techniques geared to compliment various developmental stages in a puppy's early life.These dogs do far better when incorporated into your everyday lives. We want dogs that want to be with you. Afterall what good is a dog that can not be handled by all members of your family or that canít ride with you in the front seat?

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